Flashback Friday-Creepy Creepsters!

So I decided to share this story because I had a vivid reminder of it last night when I got into one of my friend's car. My other friend was hiding in the back behind my seat and scared the crap out of me.

But this is not the first time that my friends have tried to scare me in my car...

Two years ago, my friend Jose and I would go to the library almost every night. We would wait until seven so that we could drive a car up, because we usually would stay late. This night, I had driven my car up and parked in the JFSB covered parking. We left the library at our usual time and got in the car to drive home. For some reason I was going around the back of campus instead of going straight home to The Riv. Right as I was turning the corner by the Benson, two people in masks popped out of the back seats from the trunk. I swerved and both Jose and I screamed. It was then that I recognized the laughter that was coming from behind the masks. It was my roommate Kristi and our friend Jessica. They had found my spare key and decided to hide in the trunk of my car, just dying at how hilarious it would be to fulfill one of my greatest fears...But the joke ended up being on them because they waited in the back of my trunk for almost an hour for me to come out! (And i still do not feel bad about that.)

I have to give it to those girls for getting me so good. I love to scare others, so it was only fair that they got me back so good!

I miss my tan...

Now I know that I am naturally half brown, but we are only in the third week of October here and my summer tan has already faded and gone. I don't know how this could happen so quickly. I went to the peaks almost every day and bathed in the sun for hours, I even used coco butter...

But obviously none of these things really worked, because here I am only a quarter into the fall/winter months and you wouldn't even know that I slaved away this summer to achieve a darker color of skin...I guess this is what I get for only being half brown.

Flashback Friday-One Day Ago...

This is not in typical fashion of the flashback Friday posts, but I will blog about an event in my life that happened only last night...

Betsy, Emily, and I ran to Wendy's to pick up some dinner before Kath and Kim and The Office started. Betsy entered in from the back way, so she had to position herself so that she was waiting for the last two cars in line before she could get in. As we were patiently waiting, another car pulled in and got in line behind the last car...no big deal. But then when the line started to move, the last fool in line just kept moving, not stopping to let us in. I could not believe that he was actually doing this to three girls.

Too bad for him, he stopped right in front of us, the girls that he just cut off. He could feel our eyes burning into him from our dirty glares and in an effort to avoid feeling guilty for his act, he turned up his music as started singing along, trying to ignore us completely. As the line moved for the second time, we gave him a second chance to redeem himself, but he continued to act as if we didn't exist. The three of us were so livid! I am positive that I even heard Betsy calling him a jacka**.

We sat there behind him stewing over what had just been done. Emily commented on how she wished we had something to throw at the a-hole. That's when I remembered that I had a drink from an earlier excursion that night that could be used as arsenal. And that was that, Betsy opened the sun roof and as he drove away, I threw the half empty cup at his car. But the best part was that half of the drink got on B's car anyway. I did try very hard to prevent that, but it didn't work.

Looking back on it now, I wish that I would have just walked up to his open window and poured the cup out on his lap, it would have been more effective as well as a little more graceful than my actual attempt. Stupid jerk!


Now that I am a college graduate, I work full time which has been very difficult for me because I really miss the change in routine. So naturally watching the employees interact at work keeps me entertained. Today was exceptionally good.

me llamo jonas

So three months ago I got tickets to see Weezer in concert. This week I finally got to see them. But this was not my first time...I saw them around this time three years ago in Denver with the Foo Fighters, and have been wanting to see them again ever since. This year with the release of the Red Album they headed out on tour again, this time with a stop in SLC. Here are some highlights from the concert...

Angels & Airwaves started the night off...I have to admit that I wasn't super excited for them but they put on a good show. I was thoroughly impressed. And just for the record, I would have no problem marrying a rock star "cough" David Kennedy "cough, cough".

After a short intermission, Weezer took the stage and started off with My Name is Jonas..

Please notice how the hand kinda frames what I was actually taking a picture of...the crowd surfing wheelchair.

We were so close to Rivers...I swear that he was looking right at me!

The red track suits were Fabulous. Rivers had done work to his, both knees had holes in them from him sliding around on stage so much!

One of the highlights of the night was when they brought out the hootenanny and performed "Island in The Sun" and "Beverly Hills".

I again was not disappointed and had the best time of my life! I heart Weezer!!!

very quoteable quote

"I can force a connection on just about anyone"
-Rob Dyrdek

Flashback Friday-Tucanos and Enrichment

As my birthday approaches, I felt that it was appropriate to share this story.
For my 22nd birthday, my friends took me to dinner at Tucanos Brazilian Grill.

It was amazing as always. One of my friends, Jessica, decided that she had to take some top sirloin home with her. Now if you have been to Tucanos, you know that it is buffet style and taking "leftovers" out is not acceptable. But Jessica could just not live with this so she made a trip to the restroom for some paper towels and packed up her piece of meat. Right after that we had enrichment. For the activity we were supposed to bring a lunch sack with three things that described us. The object of this was to see if anyone could guess who the person was based on the items in their bag. We quickly gathered our items and ran over to enrichment. Jessica thought that it would be brilliant to put the wrapped piece of meat in her bag. We got to the activity and added our sacks to the pile. Everyone grabbed a bag and started to go through it. It wasn't long before we realized who the lucky person who grabbed the meat bag was. She grabbed the paper towel out, took a quick peak and then threw it back into the bag. The best part was that it was one of the counselor's wives. I have no self control and immediately started laughing. The other girls caught on to what had just happened. The game was put on hold and Jessica had to explain her item choice. Everyone just had disgusted looks on their faces, but Jesse, Kristi, and I were just laughing our heads off while Jessica sat there trying to get herself out of the seriously awkward moment. I'm pretty sure that all the girls in my ward thought that we were very weird after that experience.

I thought they only did that in the circus...

I love my life...About 10 minutes ago I was on my daily commute home and I ran into the Kanye West bear riding his bike. I was unable to get a photograph, but found a close look alike on the Internet. Just think of the Kanye West bear riding around town on a bike. Happy Oct. 1!