But Sneaky in Suburbia

I am no stranger to concerts, but last night I had one of the most amazing experiences ever. It all started a over a month ago when I found out that Imogen heap would be performing in SLC. I was so excited, because I had always heard that she is a great performer. So naturally I planned on going to the concert. Then a few days ago, my friend saw that she was looking for a cellist to play with her on stage for her show. Now I am no cellist, but my roommate Marilyn is and so we go everything set up for her to audition and hopefully get chosen to perform the song Aha! with her at the concert. Things were crazy that night due to some technical difficulties, but we finally got things worked out and she was able to audition for Imogen via web cam! She did an amazing job but we had to wait until the next day to find out if she would get to perform for sure.

She got the call the next day at noon and we were all so excited! She was going to be onstage with Immi performing that night. We went up there with her early and we got backstage passes. It was so amazing! We got to see the sound check and met immi and the band, which was almost better than the show itself. It was so great, afterward we got to talk to immi a little more and we got some pics! All in all it was such an incredible night. Thanks Marilyn for doing work and getting us in! XOXO