2009 Music Review

Three Favorite Records:
1. Adele-19
2. Kate Nash-Made of Bricks
3. Miniature Tigers-Tell it to The Volcano

Three Favorite Songs:
1. Tired of Trying-Adele
2. We Get On-Kate Nash
3. Day Too Soon-Sia

Three Favorite "New" Bands/Artists you hadn’t really listened to before:
1. Calvin Harris
2. Sia
3. Matt & Kim

Three Favorite Songs Heard Live:
1. All These Things That I've Done-The Killers
2. Sunday Morning-No Doubt
3. Cannibal Queen-Miniature Tigers

Three Biggest Disappointments:
1. Lady GaGa-Fame Monster
2. Britney Spears-3
3. Day and Age-The Killers...it wasn't terrible, it just wasn't my favorite

Favorite running/exercise songs:
1. Just Dance-Lady Gaga
2. Electric Feel-MGMT
3. Maneater-Nelly Fertado

Three Most Anticipated Purchases/Releases of 2010 (Even if it was released in 2009, just so long as you are yet to buy it):
1. Vampire Weekend
2. LCD Soundsystem

Three Greatest Rediscovered Songs (ones released back in the day that you found yourself listening to and loving this last year):
1. Paper Heart-All American Rejects
2. Can You Stand The Rain-Boyz II Men
3. Ex Girlfriend-No Doubt

Three Sentimental Songs You Can't Listen to Because You May Find Yourself Crying:
1. I'm Still Breathing-Katy Perry
2. If I Were A Boy-Beyonce
3. Hero-Regina Spektor

Three Songs You Find Running Randomly Through Your Head When You Least Expect It:
1. Bad Romance-Lady Gaga
2. Tik Tok-Ke$ha
3. Single Ladies-Beyonce

Favorite Road Trip/Empty Highway Songs:
1.) You Make My Dreams Come True-Hall and Oates
2.) Empire State of Mind-Jay Z
3.) Shut Up and Let Me Go-Ting Tings

Favorite Cover:
1.) Make You Feel My Love-Adele
2.) Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow-Amy Winehouse
3.) Forever Young-Jay Z

Decade in review (potentially too ambitious and feel free to leave blank, but the record that reminds you of or was a stand-out favorite from each year of the 0’s):
2000: Forgot About Dre-Dr. Dre feat Eminem
2001: Ride Wit Me-Nelly
2002: All The Things She Said-T.A.T.U
2003: What's Luv-Fat Joe Ft. Ashanti
2004: Jenny Was a Friend of Mine-The Killers
2005: Gwen Stefani-Hollaback Girl
2006: Inside and Out-Feist
2007: Modern Love-Bloc Party
2008: I'm So Excited-Le Tigre
2009: Kids-MGMT