I think I'm Gonna Be Sick!

Last night on our way home from classic skating, which turned out to be classic scooting for us (and was amazing by the way!), we stopped by Wendy's for a celebratory frosty because my friend Kandis got her mission call. I waited to enjoy mine upon our return home. As I was sitting there indulging myself, my friend Emily made a comment on how this was the best frosty that she had ever had and I agreed with her. This particular frosty had been quite good...

I was one one of my last bites when I felt something thicker than frosty in my mouth. I pulled out the spoon, to find a very thick, clearish substance on my spoon. I immediately freaked out and started feeling sick just thinking of all the things that it could possibly be. Mills and Kandis took it over to the sink to investigate. They rinsed the frosty part away to find a Vaseline-like substance still on my spoon. By this time I was feeling pretty ill, but I had to know what it was that I had put in my mouth. I rubbed it between my fingers and found that it had a very Vaseline feel to it, greasy and gooey. That is what put me over the edge and I got very nauseous and ran back to the bathroom. Round two of the frosty was the most disgusting part. I have realized that it was most likely this grease that they use to lubricate the frosty machine and my co-worker informed me that it is edible, so that calms my nerves a little bit. But it seriously is one of the most disgusting things that I have ever gone through. Just rehashing the details makes me feel sick to my stomach. I am so over the Wendy's frosty.

*Thanks to mills for the pics of the event so that I could blog about it.

Your true friends are the ones not holding back your hair while you throw up, but are the ones taking the pictures so that you have photographic evidence of your ridiculous life.