tetanus and railroad tracks

A week ago this past thursday, I went out on a blind date where I eneded up stepping on not one, but two rusty nails, one on each foot. One may ask how one would have this happen on a date...

Well somehow we ended up by the railroad tracks in front of parkway crossing. There was something being built that the guys wanted to see so we made the trek to check it out. I was surrounded in weeds mid calf high, when next thing I know I am feeling something poke through my shoe and into my skin. In an effort to pull out the nail that got stuck in my right foot, I took a small step forward to ground myself and stepped into nail #2, but luckily that one was only on the edge of my foot and I could get that one out easily. So there I am, just pulling nails out of each of my feet...The best part is that I didn't cause much of a scene at this time. I continued on my way, taking the new holes in my feet like a champ. Later that night, the guys wanted to go hot tubbing and that is when I finally got a good look at the damage and realized that my feet had been bleeding and that I could potentially get tetanus. Yes people, it had been 14 years since my last tetanus shot, I'm not a real big fan of needles.

So I cleaned the wounds well that night when I got home, and vowed to go get my tetanus shot the next day...well I ended up not having time that next day, so saturday morning I went to the insta-care to get that taken care of. Let me just say that my arm was freakin sore from the shot for like 4 days after.

Safe to say that this might have found a spot on my top 5 worst date experiances. Ha ha! The kid hasn't called back for a second date, not really surprised.


My van neighbors are gone, my life is over.