I got it from gossip girl

I was on the second to last episode for the season and it happened....I got a virus.

I had been downloading and watching episodes of gossip girl from slide reel and did not have a problem with it until last week. When I went to download episode 17, spy ware was downloaded on to my computer. When it comes to this type of stuff I have no idea what to do, and naturally I panicked. Eventually I had a really good friend take a look at it is now fixed. But I have learned my lesson, no more downloading shows from random websites. I downloaded the last two episodes from itunes to be on the safe side. Luckily I did not have my whole computer crash to learn this lesson, and now I will be more cautious when it comes to such things. And the best part is...that gossip girl would be the reason that I got it.


I am currently in the process of "personalizing" my blog. Okay so this process may have started three weeks ago, but as of now it (the blog) is still struggling. But this "construction zone" has made me a little reluctant in adding new posts, only because it is not readable. Final today I break my blog silence. I am adding a new post in the hopes that eventually one day it will seen.