The Twilight Zone

This particular blog post is unique and calls for a different kind of introduction...

(insert The Twilight Zone theme music here)

This weekend, I felt like I was in the 5th dimension. A last minute trip to Disneyland/California was planned by a friend and naturally I was all about going.

This was my second trip ever to the most magical place in the world, my first time being over ten years ago. Naturally I was very excited to go, but going back was quite interesting after such a long hiatus.

As a child, I remember thinking how overwhelming the whole Disneyland thing is. It seemed so much bigger and busier than it does now...But one thing that hasn't changed was the feeling of excitement that I have when I am there. It was great going back and seeing my old favorites (Pirates, Mr. Toad, and Splash Mountain to name a few) as well as all kinds of new rides that have been added since my last trip. I was a little sad that the Haunted Mansion was closed because they are re-setting it up after Christmas.

This trip marked my first time in the California Adventure Park.

The Tower of Terror was an instant favorite for me. I could have gone on that ride over and over again. It was also the inspiration for the title of this blog post.

I also loved Soaring Over California as well as California Screamin'. Everything was perfect. The weather was nice and the lines weren't too long, overall a very fabulous trip.

On Sunday, we went down to LA for the beach and temple. We also hit up Newport Beach and Balboa.

It was a whirlwind trip, but it did not disappoint.

more additions

Naturally my friend Mills and I have found even more commonalities between us...
38. Our favorite flavor of gum is trident original
39. We are the eldest grandchild on our mother's side of the family
40. We both love tapioca pudding