But Sneaky in Suburbia

I am no stranger to concerts, but last night I had one of the most amazing experiences ever. It all started a over a month ago when I found out that Imogen heap would be performing in SLC. I was so excited, because I had always heard that she is a great performer. So naturally I planned on going to the concert. Then a few days ago, my friend saw that she was looking for a cellist to play with her on stage for her show. Now I am no cellist, but my roommate Marilyn is and so we go everything set up for her to audition and hopefully get chosen to perform the song Aha! with her at the concert. Things were crazy that night due to some technical difficulties, but we finally got things worked out and she was able to audition for Imogen via web cam! She did an amazing job but we had to wait until the next day to find out if she would get to perform for sure.

She got the call the next day at noon and we were all so excited! She was going to be onstage with Immi performing that night. We went up there with her early and we got backstage passes. It was so amazing! We got to see the sound check and met immi and the band, which was almost better than the show itself. It was so great, afterward we got to talk to immi a little more and we got some pics! All in all it was such an incredible night. Thanks Marilyn for doing work and getting us in! XOXO

this is halloween

It is my favorite time of the year...Halloween. And Don't worry, I am starting it off right. I have already watched nightmare before christmas and hocus pocus twice!

I have quite a few treats and even some tricks in store this year so don't go too far!

PS I am looking for some great costume ideas...so anyone with ideas, please send them my way.

tetanus and railroad tracks

A week ago this past thursday, I went out on a blind date where I eneded up stepping on not one, but two rusty nails, one on each foot. One may ask how one would have this happen on a date...

Well somehow we ended up by the railroad tracks in front of parkway crossing. There was something being built that the guys wanted to see so we made the trek to check it out. I was surrounded in weeds mid calf high, when next thing I know I am feeling something poke through my shoe and into my skin. In an effort to pull out the nail that got stuck in my right foot, I took a small step forward to ground myself and stepped into nail #2, but luckily that one was only on the edge of my foot and I could get that one out easily. So there I am, just pulling nails out of each of my feet...The best part is that I didn't cause much of a scene at this time. I continued on my way, taking the new holes in my feet like a champ. Later that night, the guys wanted to go hot tubbing and that is when I finally got a good look at the damage and realized that my feet had been bleeding and that I could potentially get tetanus. Yes people, it had been 14 years since my last tetanus shot, I'm not a real big fan of needles.

So I cleaned the wounds well that night when I got home, and vowed to go get my tetanus shot the next day...well I ended up not having time that next day, so saturday morning I went to the insta-care to get that taken care of. Let me just say that my arm was freakin sore from the shot for like 4 days after.

Safe to say that this might have found a spot on my top 5 worst date experiances. Ha ha! The kid hasn't called back for a second date, not really surprised.


My van neighbors are gone, my life is over.

night one

I moved into my new place a couple of weeks ago. It was about 11:45 pm and I was just about finished unpacking for the night. I went into my bathroom and shut the door. Five seconds later I went to open the door and that is when I realized that the bathroom door knob was stuck and I was locked in my bathroom. I was on the phone with one of my friends as I tried to get the door open. I worked with the door handle for a couple of minutes and then I started freaking out. I tried everything that I could think of to get out...I even took the door off its hinges. But nothing was working. I started freaking out, but luckily I had betsy on the line to help calm me down. By this point I had been stuck in my bathroom for about 15 minutes. I got off the phone with betsy and called my new roommate hoping that she had a key and could come and get me out. She answered and told me that she was on her way. As soon as I hung up the phone, I tried the door again and it miraculously opened. I couldn't have been happier. Five minutes later my new roommate showed up and I had to explain how I got out. It was not a pleasant experience to say the least. I told my landlord and the problem door knob has been fixed. But it was quite an ordeal and I can't think of anything more welcoming than being trapped...At least I made it out of there after only being stuck for 20 minutes.

Won't You Be My Neighbor

This weekend I moved into a townhouse just south of campus. On my many trips of unloading things from my car, I happened to notice this...

It looks like just a regular POS van parked on the street, but I noticed that this van has an AC unit attached on the back of it, which can be seen better on this picture.

It became very apparent that people actually live in this van.

Most people move in and have neighbors that live across the street in a house, I have that too, I just also have a set of neighbors that live right across the street in a blue van...

Not quite the neighbors I imagined, but I am sure that this will make this summer much more interesting.

I aint freakin' I aint faking this...

So I made it to the Ting Tings this week with mills and liz. Here are the hot, hot pics!

oops I did it again...

I had another Frosty...but it was not from the same Wendy's location and it was vanilla. Those were all chocies made in an effort to protect myself, haha!

I think I'm Gonna Be Sick!

Last night on our way home from classic skating, which turned out to be classic scooting for us (and was amazing by the way!), we stopped by Wendy's for a celebratory frosty because my friend Kandis got her mission call. I waited to enjoy mine upon our return home. As I was sitting there indulging myself, my friend Emily made a comment on how this was the best frosty that she had ever had and I agreed with her. This particular frosty had been quite good...

I was one one of my last bites when I felt something thicker than frosty in my mouth. I pulled out the spoon, to find a very thick, clearish substance on my spoon. I immediately freaked out and started feeling sick just thinking of all the things that it could possibly be. Mills and Kandis took it over to the sink to investigate. They rinsed the frosty part away to find a Vaseline-like substance still on my spoon. By this time I was feeling pretty ill, but I had to know what it was that I had put in my mouth. I rubbed it between my fingers and found that it had a very Vaseline feel to it, greasy and gooey. That is what put me over the edge and I got very nauseous and ran back to the bathroom. Round two of the frosty was the most disgusting part. I have realized that it was most likely this grease that they use to lubricate the frosty machine and my co-worker informed me that it is edible, so that calms my nerves a little bit. But it seriously is one of the most disgusting things that I have ever gone through. Just rehashing the details makes me feel sick to my stomach. I am so over the Wendy's frosty.

*Thanks to mills for the pics of the event so that I could blog about it.

Your true friends are the ones not holding back your hair while you throw up, but are the ones taking the pictures so that you have photographic evidence of your ridiculous life.

The Twilight Zone

This particular blog post is unique and calls for a different kind of introduction...

(insert The Twilight Zone theme music here)

This weekend, I felt like I was in the 5th dimension. A last minute trip to Disneyland/California was planned by a friend and naturally I was all about going.

This was my second trip ever to the most magical place in the world, my first time being over ten years ago. Naturally I was very excited to go, but going back was quite interesting after such a long hiatus.

As a child, I remember thinking how overwhelming the whole Disneyland thing is. It seemed so much bigger and busier than it does now...But one thing that hasn't changed was the feeling of excitement that I have when I am there. It was great going back and seeing my old favorites (Pirates, Mr. Toad, and Splash Mountain to name a few) as well as all kinds of new rides that have been added since my last trip. I was a little sad that the Haunted Mansion was closed because they are re-setting it up after Christmas.

This trip marked my first time in the California Adventure Park.

The Tower of Terror was an instant favorite for me. I could have gone on that ride over and over again. It was also the inspiration for the title of this blog post.

I also loved Soaring Over California as well as California Screamin'. Everything was perfect. The weather was nice and the lines weren't too long, overall a very fabulous trip.

On Sunday, we went down to LA for the beach and temple. We also hit up Newport Beach and Balboa.

It was a whirlwind trip, but it did not disappoint.

more additions

Naturally my friend Mills and I have found even more commonalities between us...
38. Our favorite flavor of gum is trident original
39. We are the eldest grandchild on our mother's side of the family
40. We both love tapioca pudding