Don't you wish that you had it as good as I do?

I never blogged about this but a couple of months ago I saw the mini tigers. I guess that I am just getting really excited about the release of their new album "fortress"

Here is a pic of John and I with the lead singer. They will be performing in the slc area again soon...I suggest going a seeing these guys, they do work!

fantastic flavor fancies

Concerts I'd like to attend this summer
6/28 Rooney
7/23 Neon Trees
7/29 Miniature Tigers
8/13 Jack Johnson
9/02 Vampire Weekend
9/23 Phoenix

just some things to think about...

Another Kiss is All it Takes

yes...this is my 100th fb profile pic. It was a very random pic and had I noticed that I was coming up on it, i man have chosen more wisely, but its not a bad one. Happy First Day of Summer!

and I miss you, like the deserts miss the rains

Its starting to feel more and more like summer. Tomorrow I am going to break it in with my favorite summer tradition...riding my bike down to Pioneer Park and checking out the farmer's market. And the threat of rain is not going to stop me.

March Madness

nope...this is not about the upcoming ncaa playoffs, its about how I am ready for it to not be winter anymore and I can't stand it.

So March, I think you've come in like a lion, so you can get to the lamb part now.

love is in the air

It's that time again...time for the annual valentine's day mix. This year I decided to post it on my blog. This is something that I've been doing for the past several years. It has been something that I quite enjoy doing. Drum roll please.....I give you my Valentine's 2010 mix. Enjoy!

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2009 Music Review

Three Favorite Records:
1. Adele-19
2. Kate Nash-Made of Bricks
3. Miniature Tigers-Tell it to The Volcano

Three Favorite Songs:
1. Tired of Trying-Adele
2. We Get On-Kate Nash
3. Day Too Soon-Sia

Three Favorite "New" Bands/Artists you hadn’t really listened to before:
1. Calvin Harris
2. Sia
3. Matt & Kim

Three Favorite Songs Heard Live:
1. All These Things That I've Done-The Killers
2. Sunday Morning-No Doubt
3. Cannibal Queen-Miniature Tigers

Three Biggest Disappointments:
1. Lady GaGa-Fame Monster
2. Britney Spears-3
3. Day and Age-The wasn't terrible, it just wasn't my favorite

Favorite running/exercise songs:
1. Just Dance-Lady Gaga
2. Electric Feel-MGMT
3. Maneater-Nelly Fertado

Three Most Anticipated Purchases/Releases of 2010 (Even if it was released in 2009, just so long as you are yet to buy it):
1. Vampire Weekend
2. LCD Soundsystem

Three Greatest Rediscovered Songs (ones released back in the day that you found yourself listening to and loving this last year):
1. Paper Heart-All American Rejects
2. Can You Stand The Rain-Boyz II Men
3. Ex Girlfriend-No Doubt

Three Sentimental Songs You Can't Listen to Because You May Find Yourself Crying:
1. I'm Still Breathing-Katy Perry
2. If I Were A Boy-Beyonce
3. Hero-Regina Spektor

Three Songs You Find Running Randomly Through Your Head When You Least Expect It:
1. Bad Romance-Lady Gaga
2. Tik Tok-Ke$ha
3. Single Ladies-Beyonce

Favorite Road Trip/Empty Highway Songs:
1.) You Make My Dreams Come True-Hall and Oates
2.) Empire State of Mind-Jay Z
3.) Shut Up and Let Me Go-Ting Tings

Favorite Cover:
1.) Make You Feel My Love-Adele
2.) Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow-Amy Winehouse
3.) Forever Young-Jay Z

Decade in review (potentially too ambitious and feel free to leave blank, but the record that reminds you of or was a stand-out favorite from each year of the 0’s):
2000: Forgot About Dre-Dr. Dre feat Eminem
2001: Ride Wit Me-Nelly
2002: All The Things She Said-T.A.T.U
2003: What's Luv-Fat Joe Ft. Ashanti
2004: Jenny Was a Friend of Mine-The Killers
2005: Gwen Stefani-Hollaback Girl
2006: Inside and Out-Feist
2007: Modern Love-Bloc Party
2008: I'm So Excited-Le Tigre
2009: Kids-MGMT