Its times like these that really make me wonder if this is my life...

Yesterday around 8:00 pm I walked down the stairs to my parking garage like I usually do. As I rounded the corner, I noticed someone over at the bike racks. Initially I thought nothing of it, but then I realized that she was actually hoovering over my bike, trying to pick the lock. As I sort of headed to my car, I must have had a very shocked look upon my face because the thief looked up and nervously said hello to me. As I slowly made my way to my car, she also muttered a "how are you?". At this point my brain was going a thousand miles an hour with no solution. I just could not believe that this girl (which looked very "normal" in her jogging clothes) was actually trying to steal my bike right in front of me. I got into my car, very concerned and called, not the police, but my roommate. You would think in this type of situation that you would call the proper authorities, but not me. As I was telling my roommate the story, the girl gave up and walked away. Whenever I was sure that she had gone, I got out of the car and took my bike up stairs and put it in my living room.

I guess that the important thing is that I saved my bike as well as saving that girl from making a huge mistake. But just to be on the safe side I am getting a new lock for my bike.